This nearly three minute video shows how to keep your Dockyard tools sharp.

In the video I show what is in the Dockyard Sharpening Strop Kit, and how the various parts of the kit are used.

Directions for: The Carving Glove Guy Strop

Apply compound to the raised and depressed portion of the strop for each size tool you would like to sharpen. Remember, you are sharpening your tools with the compound not the wood. The wood is simply the carrier for the compound.

The strop is designed so that the compound can sharpen both the inside (remove burrs) and the outside of the tool. To sharpen the inside and remove burrs on the tool you must pull the tool (trailing the sharp edge) along the raised section so that the compound is able to polish and remove burrs along that edge.

To sharpen the outside of GOUGES:
Raise the handle up to make approximately a 20 degree angle with the groove in the strop. This will position the cutting edge against the compound. Rotate the cutting edge as you pull it down the groove to contact all points on the cutting surface.

To sharpen the outside of V TOOLS:
Use the flat bottom groove at the end of the strop. Sharpen one side at a time. Position the handle at a 20 degree angle so the cutting surface on one side of the V tool can contact the compound in the flat groove. With the tool in that position (20 degrees up from the groove) pull the tool the length of the groove. This will sharpen one side of the V tool.
Repeat for the other side.